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On December 23, 2010, the Xhurch played host to a live Nativity. It was (by all appearances) a faithful reproduction of a traditional Nativity, featuring Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, three wise men, a shepherd, two lambs and a donkey.

Friends and neighbors gathered at Xhurch (a former church gone arts venue) and were treated to a familiar scene, complete with classic Christmas music, mood lighting, good cheer, and even hot chocolate. Participants in the production posed for periods upwards of twenty minutes to the delight and wonderment of onlookers–some of whom were coaxed in by an unassuming lighted sign out front.

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Inspired in part by the success of the 2010 nativity, the Xhurch will host a second nativity this holiday season—but where the first production was meant as "an affirmation of the healthfulness of nostalgia and ritual," this year's effort is set to be something far more radical. A spectacular amalgam of lesser know mythologies, pointing to the arbitrary nature of history selection in general. Get ready for the Xhurch's, Alien Nativity!

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The 2011 Alien Nativity will be one of pure spectacle and rife with symbolism. A whimsical scene, loosely based on the Nativity of Jesus, but with redefined roles for each of its characters. This is not an effort to distort the message of the manger, but to re-envision the the story in favor of something that is at once more futuristic, and more ancient.

But above all (and as with anything born of Xhurch) this will be a capital F-U-N production, providing visitors with a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience.

Because of the Alien Nativity’s otherworldly scope, this year’s collaborators are seeking your support in various ways to help realize a project that promises to be all of these things and more:

Last year’s Nativity was funded out-of-pocket, and with the enthusiasm surrounding this year’s, a crafty scene is sure to materialize. But without a budget for a minimum of supplies (mod-podge, paint, etc)—much less the more extravagant wares we hope to procure—we would essentially need a Christmas miracle to see our nativity through.

And this is where YOU come in! We’re asking of all our friends, relatives, loved-ones, acquaintances and strange bedfellows, to help make this special project as BOLD and successful as it can possibly be.

In the spirit of Kickstarter, we are prepared to give some rewards (or TREASURE!) as an incentive to give big. Here's the breakdown...

We're hoping to raise at least $500. But a larger budget will make the difference between a playful assemblage of extra-terrestrials, and a truly smashing alien extravaganza.

And a really thankful crew!!

If you can't make a monetary donation, please also see the list of needed supplies.

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